Translation Agencies in India

Translation agencies in India
Translation agencies in India

Certified Translation agencies in India

The translation is a future. It is an ever-growing business and with the presence of such an outsized variety of languages everywhere in the world and also the growth of content consumption turning into easier with the proliferation of the net. Abayam is the one of the Translation agencies in India has been providing professional translation services in India for many years and with pride boasts of handling comes in a variety of languages worldwide across multiple domains.

Translation agencies in India

Why Certified Translation Agencies in India are required?

Certified translation agencies in India play a crucial role in India due to the diverse linguistic landscape and the need for accurate and legally recognized translations. India is a country with numerous languages spoken across its region and culture, and official documents often require translation to be accepted by authorities. 

Perhaps, you may know the language and you can translate the personal documents by yourself, but the originality of the content is unknown and the authorities will not accept unless its approved and certified by a third-party, so that it will be treated as original content.

Translation agencies in India - Native Translators

A certified translator is employed by a language translation company to assure the accuracy of the document. The translator is assigned considering the kind of the document.

It will be business, financial, literature, website, medical or legal. With the experience we gained from several years, Our translation agencies in India provides with the best quality, we are one of the best language translation companies that provide human translation at all times.

Translation Urdu to English language​

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    Why does one would like a Professional translation Agency

    The presidency needs to stay the legal record that is provided solely by a certified translator. Certified Translation isn’t continuously indebted however it’s required once the interpretation is regarding law-related documents. Legal language is sensitive and deciphering them properly can enable negligible faults. Therefore it’s essential to hire the best-certified agency because it is presupposed that the conversion of documents demands an effectual skill-set over language, it’s difficult to search out associated verify such as an agent or a company.

    Types of Language Translation Services we offer

    Translation agencies in India
    Professional Translation Agency in India

    The best Language translation agencies in India are providing language conversion to English or any language to any language, that translates content from one language to a different. The conversion is often for any quiet material inclusive of papers, documents, records, videos, website content, etc.

    This might be from a regional-to-regional language, regional to a remote language or the other way around, or from a foreign to a foreign language. The skilled translators got to have an elaborate understanding of each of the languages and therefore the appellative regarding the world.

    Professional Translation services tend to have better linguistic communication, translators who are capable of translating the documents to any language needed. We are a language translation agency that has a bunch of language specialists who will translate into multiple languages.

    You may come across several translators, it’s higher to deem on the certified language translators. They will deal with success translating the content from one language to a different one with high accuracy.

    Document Translation agencies in India

    If you are looking for the best document translation agencies in India, then you have reached the right destination.may be a method of converting the document from source language to targetted language.

    Varied industries need document translation, like legalpersonal, financial, business, or analysis, and much more.  As declared by the Indian notary public Act, solely the translators holding the certification of translation are certified to try and do the document translation.

    This kind of translation is taken into account a touch tough because the translator will receive a variety of documents. It is often educational, commercial, or personal. There are varied knowledgeable document translators accessible online who will settle for any given variety of document translation.

    Translation agencies in India

    Business Translation agencies in India

    In the current situation, every littlest company is serving the best world platform. Business translations agencies in India have created their potential. The business translation services supplier stony-broke the language barriers and opened the gate to present even the native businesses globally.

    That’s why the interpretation agencies started taking the business translations on priority. It is important to sign the deed at the earliest before entering into the international market. The barrier is the language of the deed document and this can be after you would like skilled business translation agencies in India and other metro cities of India.

    There are some apps and websites such as the Google Translate tool that will translate documents quicker for you. But, there are limitations. The best practical fact is, Humans can’t be replaced by machines. Moreover, business translation documents are thought-about confidential and contain sensitive data. In such a scenario, hiring certified business translators in india is the simplest selection.

    Translation agencies in India
    Translation agencies in India

    Transcreation agecies in India

    A word transcreation may be a combination of 2 words ‘Translation’ and ‘Creation.’ The mode of work in this method will be, the translator adapts the content from the linguistic communication and generally tailors the content to match the values of the culture of the language of the targeted audience. This method is over simply a translation.

    Our translators in India try to keep up the first tone, context, and style, he/she might take the recommendation of the cultural or artistic specialists and generally each. Transcreation is especially needed in advertising industries to translate the jingle, slogans, or captions within the target language while not pain the cultural emotions of the target market.

    Transcreation in translation needs a bit of re-engineering of the content to realize the optimum complete identification in an exceedingly foreign land. Following this super amendment, the interpretation service suppliers in Madras even have specialists for transcreation services.

    Voiceover Services in India.

    Looking for a voice-over artist in India Abayam’s the best voice-over translation company in India provides you to have audiovisual content in your communication or any language to English for a better global reach. For instance, there’s a video in Spanish or any other language, The producer needs to wider its market internationally.

    He can approach the skilled voice-over translation agencies in India.  The clip is going to be regenerated into the target language. The translated video is going to be bimanual over to the consumer. The consumer can simply be ready to use it for the target market. once folks see videos or any audiovisual content in their language, they feel connected and it’s easier for them to retain the data.

    Most businesses nowadays like having their audiovisual literature in multiple languages to focus on the larger crowd. Their experience is that they will translate and provide the voice-over within the target language while not dynamically the context of the script. Choose Abayam Translation company for your voice-over needs.

    Translation agencies in India
    Translation agencies in India

    Subtitling Translation Agencies in India

    The new digital streaming platforms have created positive that their content has reached the micro-level. it was attainable solely owing to the subtitling and subtitling translation services.

    Subtitles – it’s a text that seems on the screen whereas the video is being contented. it’s a transcription of the dialogues. it always seems very cheap on the screen.

    Subtitling Translations – for example, you’re watching an unknown language video, and imagine seeing the translation of the video’s script in Subtitle and that too in your language. This process is called Subtitling Translation. Our translation company offers multi-language subtitle services and we are one of the best subtitle translation agencies in India.

    Website Localization agencies in India

    Website localization agencies in India is mainly known for translating the website content into the native language of the target audience. This activity increases the reach of the website at every level. It also increases the reach even on the micro-level. Numerous industries, like producing, e-commerce, or automotive, demand website localization because several local languages don’t have appropriate technical terminologies appropriate for these industries.

    However, the job of website translators in India is to provide the content on the foremost comprehensible level and conversion of the source language into the target audience’s language. The website is the face of the business. It represents the business condition. If it’s obtainable in their native languages, then the audience finds it easier to understand.

    There are high probabilities that the company can retain the client for an extended time than simply a one-time visit. Abayam Translation agency in India provides website localization services online that owns a cluster of certified translators in India operating with us.

    Translation agencies in India

    Interpreting agencies In India

    When the audio, the video, or the signed language content is translated into a comprehensible language as per the client’s demand, is known as Interpreting. Interpreting is completely different from translation and voiceover. Following are the types of interpreting services:

    Simultaneous Interpretation – There’s a fervent booth for the interpreter to fit in this kind. The person listens to the speaker’s victimization through earphones or headphones. Then the person speaks the interpretation into the mike. These microphones can be wirelessly connected to the individual’s headphones.

    Interpreting service needs qualified interpreters and innovative techniques. We are the interpreting agency in India that give the simplest coinciding interpretation services as well.

    Liaison Interpretation – In this type of interpreting, the interpreter works as a liaison between two parties. The speakers from each party got to stop in between the voice communication and provide time to interpret, translate and converse the outline of the dialogues. It is principally utilized in business and coaching conferences.

    Translation agencies in India
    Translation agencies in India

    University Transcript agencies in India

    As the foreign studies opportunities knock many students’ life, our translation company in India offers University transcript translation agencies and this is the new requirement of an international student. If you are an international student or an international student aspirant then you should be aware of the term call university transcript translation.

    Most of the international universities and establishments wish your applications and supporting documents to be in their language for a better understanding. Irrespective of the fact that you have got cleared language eligibility tests, they mandate you to translate your transcripts. These documents need certification of authenticity to pursue education abroad.

    India is one of the academic hubs for several national and international students, to help you we at Abayam Translation agency  provide university transcript services too.

    How does it work?

    In our translation company, the translation process is a totally human process, and it has never been a machine’s. whereas some agencies admit human linguists, a number of them are found to be passionate about the utilization of the computerized package.

    The preferred difference which will account for promising outcomes from a translation project would be human linguists as they’ll give much-needed edges of fluency and accuracy within the work. moreover, it’s essential to mirror the data of human translators regarding numerous business and legal terminologies.

    Certificate of Authenticity for our translation jobs

    Apart from the translation, we provide a certificate called “Certificate of Authenticity” which is mandatory in the Visa and emigration process and required by many foreign countries. We at abayam confirm the quality and accuracy of the translation done by us compared to the source texts of the original document and issue an official letter stating that the translation is correct and accurate.

    Why choose us for language translation services?

    Abayam is a provider of certified Tamil to English translation services in India and firmly believes that high-quality translations cannot be achieved with machine translations. Therefore, works with only highly qualified and experienced translators, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

    As our head office is situated in India and is one of the prominent Tamil to English language translation service providers in India.  Abayam employs translators, editors, writers, and proofreaders who are native speakers of the language and are well qualified to choose appropriate translators for every project.

    The quality of the professional translator is not just translating the words but translating the meaning, culture, style, and message.

    Looking for a quality translation company, Abayam believes in quality assurance with its team of expert translators, complete support and service to the clients, affordability, certified translations, and customer satisfaction

    Translation agencies in India

    Human Translation


    Native Translators


    Quality Assurance

    Translation Urdu to English language​

    How much does translation services cost in India?

    The cost of translation is based on multiple factors like:

    • No. of Pages
    • No. of words
    • Subject of the text
    • Technical/Non-technical
    • Editable /Non-editable file
    • Duration needed to translate
    • Emergency/Normal project
    • Formatting

    Hence, we have to consider all the mentioned factors and evaluate the best price which will please our clients. Sometimes, fixing a price may be higher than the client’s budget. So we recommend our customers to call us and let’s discuss your requirement and will share the best quote for the service.

    How much do translators charge per word?

    There are two modules of pricing, one is the cost per page and another one is the cost per word. It depends on the translation services we offer. In India, the cost per word module will be considered only for big projects or the word count is very big. And it’s decided based on the document type, Technical works involved in it, language pair, Special requirements of clients, Domain of the document, and more. Hence, Please contact Abayam or send your document via email to us for a free quote.

    How much will a certified translator cost?

    On an aggregate, you must expect to pay somewhere between $10 to $20 per page, reckoning on the document sort and also the target language. On average, you must expect to pay somewhere between $10 to $20 per page, reckoning on the document sort and also the target language.

    How long will the translation services take?

    It merely depends on the sort of documents and the translation company we choose. The time needed to translate the thesis is going to be over the time needed to translate the credential. once more there’s no explicit timeline for this. But, we tend to at Abayam translation services in the city, perceive time is cash, and that we can deliver you the translated copy in a very given time.

    How is the translation price calculated?

    The cost of the Translation depends on the domain of the source content. For document translation services, the translation price is calculated on a per word or per-page basis. For audio visual content, the translation services price is calculated on a per-second or per-minute basis. Some documents need translations in additional than one language.
     If the extra language is required there’ll be separate charges for that. Contact Abayam Translation company in a click and get a free quote.

                Simple step-by-step Process for Your Translation Needs



    Provide particulars of the service that you require at



    Upload your document at same mail id



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    ABAYAM will take the order and confirm you the date of delivery

    Choosing Abayam Translations for language solutions can be your great decision.

    Being skilled in more than 100+ languages, we have got numerous specializations. We tend to aim to fine-tune the method of delivering service quality, accuracy, credibleness, consistency, and responsibility.

    Higher Quality & Accuracy Level

    Our quality supervisors check that the translated text contains the very best degree of quality and accuracy. Thus, quality checks are implemented.

    Native Expert Translators

    We can manage little and huge translation assignments. We tend to believe that no individual will translate a text therefore genuinely as compared to a native person.

    Complete Language Solutions

    When it’s regarding language, we tend to check that we supply authentic solutions for translation, localization, and interpretation for the various business areas.

    Easy Project Consultation

    We perceive that you simply could have many doubts in mind before outsourcing translation. Thus, we tend to let the customers communicate to the project managers for any of their queries.

    Certified Translation Services

    We belong to an ISO-certified translation company, which provides certified services for any translation, or localization project.

    Fastest Turnaround Time

    When it involves human translations, we tend to continuously commit to the quickest work time, so the customer might implement further action forthwith.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Will you Translate picture to English ? Yes, Abayam Translation Services offers translation of pictures to English language or your required languages. We at Abayam Translation Services have skilled professionals. Our trained service provider holds expertise that provides benefits to the customers.

    When you look for translation services, Google is the first preference because it is free of cost. Accuracy is not always offered by a free translator on a consistent and regular basis. You might be able to get the gist of the documents or drafts but the free translator will only perform a word-to-word translation without really understanding the information, which makes it imperative to correct things manually later on.

    Abayam Translation Services comes with various language translations which add Tamil as well. Using free translation apps for translating Tamil to English is not a good deal. Free apps do not focus on the content provided and solve the ambiguity.
    Yes. We at Abayam Translation Services have professional translators who are proficient in many languages and Tamil as well. If our customers require bulk documents need to be translated, we will provide translation respective to the deadline. The work will be done accurately and will deliver in time.

    Yes, we do. When we hear about the legal translation, we tend to think about something to do with the legalities. And that is correct, legal documents are considered to be any kind of document used within a civil or criminal justice system. When you’re looking for a translation for a simple agreement, then you may not require a legal translator or a translation service. But, if it’s a document with legal, commercial or legislative implications then it’d be highly advisable to appoint a legal translator for your project

    No. There are many free online apps as well as websites that make it easy for those users who frequently translate Tamil to the English language but they have a low level of accuracy. These free websites do not provide consistent services also they come with a bundle of mistakes. While on the other hand, we at Abayam Translation Services have qualified professionals with relevant years of expertise who assure zero mistakes.

    The certificate is translated by professional and dedicated translators who are more than 5+ years of experience, he will go through the certificates manually and prepare the draft translation, and a proof-reader will check the translated document with the source document and do corrections if any, then the job will be formatted as per the source certificate format and sent fro client’s approval. Once, the job is approved by the clients, it will be printed on our official letterhead and obtained seal and signature of authorized signatory person so that it will be valid in all government entities and private bodies.

    What People Say About Us

    The Quality of the output and the prompt delivery on the said date are their special quality. Their follow up work after the translation in case of any changes are examples of extra mile they provide

    K V Rajan

    L&D Director Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Bahrain & Qatar

    We are pleased with the services of Abayam Translation Services The quality of work is extremely good and we definitely look forward to working with Abayam for all our multi lingual translation services

    Ganesh Kumar

    Madhura Micro Finance

    Translation agencies in India
    Translation agencies in India
    Translation agencies in India
    Translation agencies in India