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    Embassy Attestation – The Informative Guide

    When you are aiming to visit a foreign country for employment, residency, study purpose, or perform a business abroad, the legalization of the documents and certificates from the embassy is mandatory.

    This method is often followed for countries that are not a member of the Apostille Hague Convention. The legalization is provided by an embassy or through consultation by a respective authority who is permitted to grant the attestation stamp on the document.

    Abayam Translations can help you in getting the embassy attestation services for your documents quickly.

    What is Embassy Attestation?

    Let us understand the meaning of getting the stamp from the embassy. It is done by the embassy of the individual country. It is a legal method to verify the genuinity of someone as an individual or a corporation. This method is administered when the verification is completed from the MEA.

    The document that is received by the embassy is sealed by the MEA that antecedently was verified by state government departments.

    Indian Originated document that is needed to supply in alternative countries ought to be legalized from the relevant Embassies or consulates in India. To allow the document from the individual embassy specific method needs to be followed.

    The document ought to be first authenticated from an appropriate state Home department or Human Resource Department so followed by the Ministry of External Affairs in the national capital (Delhi) and then at the end respective Embassy will legalize the document.

    Attestation services in india

    Why is Embassy Attestation required?

    The initial want is to certify the required documents with a stamp from the embassy. It proves the trustworthiness of the documents to the authorities that make them admissible within the country.

    The importance is that it ensures that the involved individual or company is legitimate and has a positive intention behind getting an employment visa, residence visa, student visa, or for the growth of business within the country.

    The procedure is to be administered by the recognized officers solely.

    Embassy Attestation Services

    Before moving forward to the necessity for attestation from the embassy, one should perceive its importance. An embassy is a corporation that is based in a home country however isn’t a part of that native government. It maintains the connections between the two nations by handling bound affairs like taxes, visas, and alternative law-related problems.

    The officers employed at an embassy usually are the citizens not from the residing nation however from the country to that the embassy belongs.

    Embassy authentication services and necessities dissent from country to country. Document and certificate authentication are sensitive procedures and there’s no space for any errors and is administered beneath knowledgeable expect.

    The method initiates at the notary public and goes through many re-verification at totally different levels of authorities before the ultimate embassy verification. The role of embassy attestation services within the procedure is which was tend to create the method convenient for you, as in, we can apply for legalization on your behalf and acquire the authenticated documents delivered back to you.

    How to get Embassy Attestation in India?

    Services and agents are how you can attain embassy legalization in India. They are an influence within the government organizations that may facilitate to urge it fleetly. If you’re trying near for a service, Abayam Translations is simply a decision away.

    Abayam Translations is a customer-driven agency that will assure your comfort and permit you to expertise our hassle-free services sitting back reception.

    All you have got to try to do is to fill within the details of your required service; submit your original documents; create a payment online exploitation your credit/debit card and we can comprehend in dire straits you.

    Abayam Translations team is offered 24*7 online to require your inquiries.

    Embassy Attestation Procedure

    We provide services for various forms of documents like personal, educational, and commercial documents. Birth certificate attestation, marriage certificate attestation are different kinds of services that comprise the personal document type.

    Educational documents are associated with your grades and papers like faculty effort certificates and degree certificates.

    Your business documents like bill invoices, company profiles are verified beneath business documents.

    The overall procedure is listed below:

    Regional level

    It is the first stage of the certificate authentication procedure. This level of legalization may be done by the notary public or the University from wherever the documents were issued, as per the necessity, or from the Chamber of commerce within the case of commercial documents.

    State Level

    The legalization of certificates from the state is performed by three completely different organizations as per the need of the document sort.

    These departments include the State Home Department (SHD), Human Resource Department (HRD), and also the Sub-Divisional functionary (SDM). SDM is not dependent on the state government, however, the verification performed by this authority is taken into account on the state level.


    MEA or Ministry of External Affairs is the last stage of authentication from the home government when an MEA stamp or sticker is applied to the document.

    MEA is known as the central organization that issues with the foreign affairs of the country and elects a minister every 5 years.


    Embassy attestation is carried out by the officers of the involved country the documents are being certified for.

    It is the ultimate step of the verification for many nations after the Ministry of External Affairs.

    Procedure for Personal Document

    While applying for legalization from Embassy for private Documents you initially got to get a Notary certificate by native authorities then Home Department or SDM verification is needed for private Documents.

    When you are done with these authentications, MEA provides a stamp on documents to travel for the further method of legalization by the embassy.

    • Notary
    • Home Department Certification or SDM
    • Ministry of External Affairs Authentication
    • Embassy

    While applying for legalization from Embassy for private Documents you initially got to get a Notary certificate by native authorities then Home Department or SDM verification is needed for private Documents.

    When you are done with these authentications, MEA provides a stamp on documents to travel for the further method of legalization by the embassy.

    2. For out of Maharashtra issued documents

    3. As per the Embassy requirement where HRD is compulsory

    An educational document is authenticated by the issuing country who issues the certificate. In India, attestation of degree certificate is completed by the concerned HRD or MEA and also by the concerned Embassy. It may be done although the person whose certificate is attested is absent from the country. The documents that are needed for Educational Certificate Attestation are:

    How long does it take to get Embassy Attestation in India?

    The time needed depends upon the varied aspects, for example, that country you would like the authentication for, or the sort of documents, from that state the documents are issued or the authority you need it from.

    Usually, it’ll take a couple of weeks to a month to complete. If the educational documents like degree certificate need HRD attestation that wants verification from university, makes it extend up to some of the weeks to over a month.

    What are the Embassy Attestation charges?

    The fees differ from country to country, state to state, and from document to document. It’d even be littered with the extremity of the necessity, additionally from the place the documents were issued.

    The fees may be affordable or high and may still vary with the add-on services like attestation of documents with the pick-up and drop service.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      No, an Embassy cannot issue Apostille because the Apostille sticker on the document is provided by the Ministry of External Affairs solely. The attestation is completed by the home government itself once an Apostille is being obtained and it is not mandatory to realize any extra authentication from the foreign government.

      There isn’t any way to directly track the method of embassy attestation for your documents and certificates. Yet, if you have got applied for the embassy attestation services, we tend to at Abayam Translations will assist you to track the progress of your document embassy attestation with our tech-savvy facilities.

      There are regarding one hundred Foreign Embassies and 136 Consulates placed within the territory of India. India itself in total counts close to eighty-nine Embassies and 108 Consulates unfold everywhere on the planet.

      To get attestation, an individual has to contact a doctor at a government hospital, an area superintendent of police, or a sub-divisional/first class/additional district official.

      To allow the document from the several embassy specific methods should be followed. The document ought to be first authenticated from several take in Home department or Human Resource Department then followed by Ministry of External Affairs in Indian capital then finally several Embassy can allow the document.