Abayam’s Arabic Translation Services, We are one of the maturation translation agencies based in Chennai, India. In this agency, we have a wide range of specialists for the Arabic Translation Service and many more language pairs and we undertake translation projects in almost all the Indian languages as well as some specific foreign languages like Chinese and many more. We have a fully equipped team of qualified quality translators based in Chennai as well as native translators of particular language so that we can executive the translation projects from English to Arabic and Arabic to English like general documents, medical, legal, certificates, resumes, instruction manuals, operating manuals, employees guide books etc…

As India has become the Medical treatment hub for foreigners especially for Gulf people and their emergence for treatment to India is playing a vital role in the field of Interpretation,  We at Abayam Translation Services, provide Medical and official Arabic Interpretation Services by Native Arabs for our foreign guests in India. As we are in this business for a decade we have many Indian and foreign clients especially for Arabic related services from many domains such as Medical, Engineering, IT, Hospitality, Commerce and more.

Not only translations, But We also provide Arabic Coordination in setting up the fonts, alignment and working on a live website with Arabic translation and updating Arabic Contents and many operations related to Arabic with the clients as this language in new for them.

Arabic Translation Services