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    Legal Translation Services

    Legal Translation Services by Legal Professionals

    Legal translation services can be typically defined as the translation of texts within the field of law. It primarily includes documents like articles of incorporation, witness statements, depositions of trust, intellectual property rights, immigration documents, Divorce documents, and many more.

    Abayam is a certified legal translation company that provides accurate translations effectively and efficiently.

    Legal translation services in every language - Fast & Certified Services

    Abayam translation services specialize in translating legal documents with accuracy and precision. The team of expert translators at Abayam understands the terminology, structure, and format of the legal documents and the requirements for their preparation, presentation, and submission to various jurisdictions.

    The legal translators at Abayam understand the nuances and specific details of the document so that the legal translations they provide are accurate and certifiable. The seasoned professional team at Abayam can provide legal translation in any language by following high discretion and security levels.

    Legal translations are often considered to be a complicated process because the judiciary system differs significantly from one country to another. Due to this reason, a legal translator must have a thorough knowledge of all the intricate details of the pertaining legal system to assure that all the requirements are carefully met.

    Abayam provides legal translation services and legal interpretation by experts in this field.

    Legal translation company- Fastest & Quick TAT

    It is crucial for a legal translator online to be fluent in both the languages involved as well as have a keen understanding of legal terminology to avoid any misinterpretation.

    As a verified legal translation company, Abayam assures that all of your documents are handled with precision and efficiency.

    The professional legal translators at Abayam meticulously translate every detail of your legal documents, confirming that the translations are 100% true to the source and meet all the necessary requirements.

    Certified Legal Translation Services

    For years, Abayam has been one of its kind Legal translation companies in India, offering a wide range of professional language translations for different types of clients. Abayam understands the importance of security, reliability, and accuracy, and therefore it is a perfect solution for companies to trust it’s expert translators.

    Legal Subtitle translation

    Abayam provides certified Legal Subtitle Translation Services in Chennai and other cities of India with the help of its experienced and seasoned translators. Our team of translators can translate your audio as well as visual information into accurate and precise text transcripts into your desired language.

    Certificate of Authenticity for our translation jobs

    Apart from the translation, we provide a certificate called “Certificate of Authenticity” which is mandatory in the Visa and emigration process and required by many foreign countries. We at abayam confirm the quality and accuracy of the translation done by us compared to the source texts of the original document and issue an official letter stating that the translation is correct and accurate.

    Any Legal document into any language.

    Why choose us for Legal translation services?

    Abayam is a highly certified legal translation company in Chennai and firmly believes that high-quality translations cannot be achieved with machine translations.

    therefore, works with only highly qualified and experienced translators, thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency.

    Being one of the prominent legal document translation providers, Abayam employs legal translators, editors, writers, and proofreaders who are native speakers of the language and are well qualified to choose appropriate translators for every project.

    Abayam believes in quality assurance with its team of expert translators, complete support and service to the clients, affordability, certified translations, and customer satisfaction

    Arabic to Tamil translation

    Human Translation

    Native Translators

    Quality Assurance

    Czech to English Translation

    How much does it cost to translate a legal document?

    What is the average cost to translate a legal document?

    Legal Translation costs are based on the total page count or word count, however, the cost may vary as per the client’s requirement. Following are the common factors that we consider before submitting a quotation:

    • No. of Pages
    • No. of words
    • Subject of the text
    • Technical/Non-technical
    • Editable /Non-editable file
    • Duration needed to translate
    • Emergency/Normal project
    • Formatting

    So, the cost of the translation is not fixed, we have to consider all these things and evaluate the best price which will please our clients. Sometime, fixing a price may be higher than the client’s budget so we personally talk the clients and evaluate their need and accordingly we submit quote.

    How to translate legal documents? who can translate legal documents?

    When you think about this, you may come across many translators or advocates, but professional translation services can be provided by Certified Translation agencies like ABAYAM; The best source for translating any type of legal documents from any language to any language with a certificate of authenticity, You do not have to look further when it comes to legal translation agency.

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    ABAYAM will take the order and confirm you the date of delivery

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      As we perceive your business is usually concerning words, we tend to not solely translate legal language only,  but also we tend to rework business within the world of words.

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        Why Choose Abayam Translations?

        ABAYAM has wide exposure and experience of 10 years in the field of Legal translation and it has consistently served many Individuals, National and International businesses, and professionals.

        Quality Accuracy

        We assure a professional quality work, and they will never have any reason to approach other service providers.

        Secure & Confidential Work

        We assure the safety and integrity of your documents, and for the information provided by you.

        Responsive Customer Support

        We are available round-the-clock to attend to your needs.

        Professional Translators

        We have expert staff on our rolls who are very skilled at their job.

        Certified Translation Services

        We belong to CRISIL rated and ISO-certified translation company, which provides certified services for any reasonable interpretation, translation, or localization project.

        Quick & Accurate Translation

        We assure our customers of our quick and accurate translation service.


        What People Say About Us

        “ We are pleased with the services of Abayam Translation Services The quality of work is extremely good and we definitely look forward to working with Abayam for all our multi lingual translation services”
        Ganesh Kumar

        Manager, Madura Microfinance

        The Quality of the output and the prompt delivery on the said date are their special quality. Their follow up work after the translation in case of any changes are examples of extra mile they provide
        K V Rajan

        L&D Director Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Bahrain & Qatar