Why do you need Certificate Translation in 2022?

If you are planning to relocate to another country for education or a job, you might need a certificate translation of your legal, education and professional documents and credentials. It is a necessary step for the visa process and saves you from any trouble in the new locality due to language difference. Why do you need certificate translationin 2021? Because, Certificate translation will be really helpful for you to settle up comfortably in a new country with all your documents changed to the local language for trouble-free recognition of your education and professional domain.

why you need certificate translation

Where are how to translate your certificates in 2021?

The process of certificate translation is very crucial and it needs to be done by professionals only because these certificates are required for official purposes at different stages of legal and professional aspects. Moreover, these certificates are a representation of your achievement and talents which help you discover new educational or job portfolios and they must be well understood by the officials. Certificate translation does not mean just changing the text to some other language on a word to word basis. It needs to signify the importance of niche and your achievements and project the proper message without any error. These certificates are legal documents that will be associated with your identity and that is why there is no scope of error in these documents. Let’s have a look at the certificates you need to get translated when you are moving to a new country. Also you can read the Industries That Benefit From Professional Translations.

Types of Certificate Generally Translated in India:

Birth Certificate Translation

A birth certificate is a very crucial document and it is required almost everywhere when a person needs any sort of legal identification procedure. While travelling to another country, it becomes more important because it serves as a base document for immigration purposes. If you are travelling to a country where the language of your birth certificate cannot be authorized due to a different local language, you might face some problems with immigration and visa due to the inability of the authority to recognize the language. Translation birth certificate is not an easy task so you must hire a proper agency to take care of it to avoid any future problems.

A birth certificate holds the most vital information about your identity that is the birth date. It is proof of your age and birthplace which is required to be verified at different places. For example, you need to enroll in a university or take a lease in a different country. A properly translated birth certificate can help you undergo legal formalities easily.

Legal Certificate Translation

Legal certificates are very important documents for business owners and professionals who are willing to expand their scope in new territories. In case of a language change, it becomes essential to get the documents properly translated with consistency and precision to help the local customer, authority and community to understand it properly. It is very important to choose a professional certificate translation agency to do the same because these documents contain legal and confidential information which is very important for the business. It requires knowledge of multiple legal architectures and a proper translation is required to appropriately reflect the meaning of the source document that is easy to interpret and understand without any error.

Companies require certificate translation for many aspects. Generally, the incorporation documents, lease, contracts, financial statements, legal documents, contract agreements, audit reports, ITR, compliances, judiciary, evidence, POA, summons and many more.

Medical Certificate Translation


A medical certificate translation is required for many purposes. It is a personal document that is needed to be carried with you for any medical emergencies or any other healthcare-related aspects. Since it is associated with health and your wellbeing, it needs to be carried out with a great amount of expertise and accuracy with relevant information about any medical procedures, treatments, allergies, etc. That is why it is necessary to get these certificates translated with great accuracy and medically accurate terms to assist you in a different country.

Academic Certificate Translation

Certified translation agencies can help you translate your academic achievements certificates to another language of the country that you are visiting. It is necessary if you are applying to a college, university or job in a different country and these documents are required for multiple legal purposes. With help of these agencies, you can get your certificate translated into multiple languages to best serve your needs. These translated documents play a vital role in your applications and these are required by institutions where you are willing to apply.

Not only for educational purposes, but you also need an academic certificate translation when you are applying for a job in another country with a different language. You can also seek the help of human translators to get your documents translated as per the necessity of local law and authority.

Art & Design Certificate

There is no denial in the fact that the world of art and design has its own unique and fabulous advantages. Companies are working extensively on enhancing communication with their customers and their focus on marketing has always been approached with massive care. The art and design industry has become a foundation pillar to meet the marketing goals and the translation or these certificates is a very crucial task to convey the message without losing any credibility.

It is necessary to undergo the translation of creativity in terms of correctness and the message to be conveyed. Not only that, the style of writing, the elegance of linguistics, adaptability of text following the targeted audience is very essential.

Divorce Certificate Translation

If you are willing to move to a country that has a different language then your own, you must understand the importance of getting your certificate translated properly. When you are married to someone, you can get a certificate of marriage from the local authority. In case of separation, you will acquire a divorce certificate. The translation of the divorce certificate is very necessary to show that you are not legally married and have rightfully terminated the relationship to satisfy the official formalities. A properly translated divorce certificate shows the termination of legal marriage with anyone and this can prevent any troubles you might face in future.

Many countries have a policy that requires you to submit a divorce certificate or any other legal certificates associated with it to fulfil the official formalities. It is necessary to get them translated into the local language and it can be done with the help of a professional translator.


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