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The term “Web Analytics” means collection of data from the really needy people for a specific requirement. Different vendors provide web analytics on-site services so that it helps them to collect the desire data from their clientele and end users. Initially the older method was server log file and later on they shifted to the second method called page tagging. To do this they use JavaScript embedded on the site page code to produce image requests to a third-party analytics-dedicated servers, so that the page can be viewed whenever a mouse click occurs on it. The collected data will be processed to produce a web traffic reports so that updated information is available at the finger tips. In the early century the web site prepares a statistics about how many effective client requests [or hits] were made and it was considered as a reasonable method to follow.

Now-a-days the technology had upgraded and the Search Engine Spiders give appropriate and accurate information within seconds and once a person visits a site and would like to revisit the same one his/her identity will be recorded permanently. This becomes easy for the end user to obtain relevant information as and when upgraded. We, Abayam Translation Services, in Indian origin at Chennai provide the designing of this web analytics services for the last one decade so that the clients as well as the real users can measure the real time web analytics for their desired results. We provide many computer related services in which this is one amongst them and we proudly announce that we are one of the leading Google Analytics Service providers. We have technical experts to provide the tailor made services to the clients as per their desired requirements.

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