CAT Tool Training

Computer-Aided Translation (CAT), CAT tool simplifies the translation process by improving the productivity, consistency and quality of this process. Trados is one of the leading CAT tool with useful functionalities.

Abayam Translation Services  are providing online training courses on Trados and  Multiterm via Skype.

Why should you learn CAT Tool

  •     Increase in your translation productivity by 50% to 75%
  •     Maintenance of consistency
  •     Improvement in translation quality
  •     Better output as that of the original document formats, accuracy and efficiency
  •     Time saving ability
  •     Universalization of formatting and review process
  •     Ability to use Translation memories and Terminology Termbases provided by the client for ensuring the clients’ satisfaction.
  •     Possibility of storing all your source and target texts duly translated for future reference


Multiterm is a terminology management tool used for creating, editing and managing the terminology in a Termbase. Be it a client given glossary or your own glossary, Multiterm allows to create the Termbase which can be used along with Trados Studio for consistent terminology.

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