PERL Training in Chennai


What is Perl?
Print / Printf Statements
Running Perl Programs
Sample Program

Data Types and Variables

Types of Data types,
Scalar, Arrays, Hash
Rules for variable declaration


Creating array,
accessing array elements,
sequential array,
Array operations like pop, unshift, shift, push and etc
Array Functions
The foreach Loop
The @ARGV Array
The grep Function
Array Slices
Hashes (Associative array)
Create Hash
Accessing keys of hash
Hash Functions

Quoting and Interpolation

String Literals
Array Substitution and Join
Backslashes and Single Quotes
Quotation Operators
Command Substitution
Here Documents

Conditional Statements

If Statements
If Else Statements
If Else if Statements
Nested If Statements
Switch Statements

Looping Statements

While Statements
Until Statements
For Statements
For Each Statements

Regular Expressions

Pattern Matching Overview
The Substitution Operator
Regular Expressions
Special Characters
Quantifiers (*, +, ?, {})


Overview of Subroutines
Passing Arguments
Private Variables
Returning Values

Files Handling

Open file,
Read file
Write file,
Close file
die function
The Input Operator
Default Input Operator
The print Function
Reading Directories
Search and replacement in file

Packages and Modules

BEGIN and END Routines
require vs. use
Modules, one example from CGI

Database Connectivity

Using DBI and MySQL
Fetching output of the Query using Perl
Select, update and insert queries in database.

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