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We, Abayam Translation Services, are one of the Translation Agencies in India at Chennai and providing Email marketing services in India and abroad. Apart from our normal translation/ transcription services we also cater the needs of the people who require our valuable services in email marketing and at present, we are on the verge of attaining India’s No.1 position. Through email marketing services we create or design attractive emails which must be posted to the mass of the world so that the requisite people choose the items/products with which they get benefitted. Through mass dispatch of email marketing letters, brochures, pamphlets etc. the globe comes to know the variety of products available in different countries with affordable costs.

Moreover, this email marketing services really provide the needs of the people starting from common to riches across the globe. They have their right to choose their needs and accordingly satisfy with the things they possess. This is only possible unless they receive the required communication with the right type of products or services available within their country as well as outside their homeland. Through this type of services, they acquaint themselves with the ways and means to get the desired things in a right way with proper procedures.
To help this sort of needy people our email marketing services would like to execute the requisite requirements of the clients and the end users. This is only possible by way of mass mailing services in which we are one of the experts in writing/designing the attractive mails in a creative way so that everyone will be satisfied with proper communication/information. For the requirements of both the clients and end users, we provide this service from Chennai, India for some years and would like to extend our services in the years to come.

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