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    Apostille Services Chennai - Meaning of Apostille

    The meaning of Apostille is a Certificate given by a government in a form of a document/sticker that makes the documents genuine and acceptable in other countries. Abayam is the Best Apostille Services Chennai.

    Practically, it is a sticker stuck at the back side of your document by the Ministry of External Affairs [MEA] and that becomes proof that your document/certificate is true and your government is telling the other government that the document is genuine and acceptable.

    Simply, The reason behind this is to avoid fake certificates, please contact Abayam Apostille Services in Chennai to get your documents apostilled smoothly and quickly at a reasonable price.

    What is Document Apostille?-What all documents can be apostilled?

    As mentioned earlier it is a simple process of Certificate Legalization by getting Apostille Sticker at the backside of your documents, many countries follow this procedure and especially those who are members of the Hauge Convention.

    All the documents which are issued by the Government or Registered Private sector, schools, and Universities of Chennai, Tamilnadu are eligible for Apostille, Such as Birth Certificates, Degree Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Education Certificates, Affidavits, Power of Attorney, Aadhar Card Etc…

    Apostille Attestation Fee

    The Apostille Attestation Fee depends on the Document and the Country you travel to and the process varies depending on the document. Hence, we suggest you mail us the document and ask for the quotation or call us to get more information.

    How to get Apostille in Chennai for Tamilnadu issued Documents?

    Among many companies, Abayam has earned the people’s trust by serving them sincerely and quickly and becoming one of the best Certified Apostille agencies in Chennai.

    Our trained professionals are working hard to get Apostille of the document and we have become the best Apostille agency in Chennai.

    We provide services from the bottom level to the top levels, such as collecting the documents to get the apostille sticker from the Ministry of External Affairs [MEA]. Submit the documents to the Abayam attestation agency in Chennai and be relaxed while we complete all the formalities and get your documents Apostilled.

    How long does it take to get an apostille in Chennai?

    There are two ways of Getting Apostille Services in Chennai on your document.

    1. Through State attestation (Normal process)
    2. Through Sub-divisional magistrate (SDM) Attestation (Fast Process)

    These both ways are legal ways and the apostilled document will be valid. But the difference is as follows;

    • Through State Attestation [Normal Process]
    1. The state attestation process will be done through HRD Attestation for the Educational documents issued in Chennai, Tamilnadu.
    2. And, for Non-Educational documents like Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate will be done through State Home Department.

    These two Government bodies take much time to verification of documents and their authenticity and this process takes at least 3-4 weeks to get the documents apostilled.

    • Through SDM – Sub Divisional Magistrate [Fast Process]
    1. In this process, all of your Educational or Non-Educational documents will be processed through Notary [Step 1], then Sub Divisional Magistrate [Step 2], and finally Ministry of External Affairs [MEA].

    This process happens in a quicker time i.e between 5-10 days, Apart from this there is another fast track service provided by Abayam Apostille services in Chennai which can complete within 5 days.

    List of Languages we Translate

    Abayam Provides Translation Services almost in All languages of the world, Maybe Indian, African, European, etc… We Translate from all languages to all languages for you.

    Some of the frequently asked and Translated Languages:

    English, Arabic, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Japanese, Malay, Thai, German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayam, Kannda, Gujarathi, Punjabi, Oriya, and more.

    What is the process of certificate Apostille in Chennai?

    The procedure of certificate apostille varies from document to document. Mainly there are three types of documents and hence, three different procedures.

    Hence, we request you to call us or email us the document and write few lines about your requirement, we will check it internally and will reply you in mail or our executive will call you after a while.

    If you are eager to know the detailed process of Apostille, we recommend you to read our article on this page.


    Validity of Apostille Documents in India.

    All the documents Apostilled by the State Attestation process or SDM Attestation process, will have 6 months validity from the date of attestation. If the Apostille expired, you need to contact the consulate of the traveling country and confirm with them whether renewal is mandatory or not.

    What Documents are required to get Apostille?

    • The Original document that you want to Apostille
    •  Passport photocopies of the person who is the candidate for the document
    • In the case of an Affidavit, the passport copies of all people whose names are mentioned in the affidavit.
    • In the case of a Marriage Certificate, a Passport copy of the Husband and Wife is mandatory.

    Procedure for getting Apostille

    • Online registration for Apostille
    • Original documents will be couriered to our concerned office
    • Paying online apostille fees
    • Getting tracking details and you can check the updates through phone calls.
    • Receive / collect the documents after Apostilled.

    An Apostille Sticker contains the following information on it:

    • Name of the document issuing country
    • Candidate’s name
    • Name of the Signatory person.
    • Designation of the singed person.
    • Place and Date from which the certificate is Apostilled.
    • Number of certificates.
    • Seal and Stamp of the Issuing Authority
    • Signature of authority issuing certificate.

    Personal Document Apostille

    As the name suggests, personal document apostille means the legalization of documents that contain personal knowledge. It contains the birth certificate apostille and marriage certificate apostille.

    Marriage Certificate | Birth Certificate |Divorce Certificate| Death Certificate |Adoption Deed | Medical Certificate | Police Clearance Certificate(PCC) |Experience Certificate | Migration Certificate | Passport Copies etc.



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