Abayam Translation Services are providing TRADOS training in online mode.

Are you a freelance translator who would like to:

  • Save your Translated jobs in a Translation memory (TM) and reuse them in future projects?
  • Retain the format of source files, and avoid or minimize formatting issues in the files?
  • Reduce the typing efforts in case of repetitive texts and in general?
  • Increase your translation productivity by 30% to 50%?
  • Maintain the consistency within ONE project and across all translation projects?
  • Use glossaries to maintain the consistency and terminology requirements of the client?
  • Improve translation quality, accuracy, and efficiency?
  • Bring down the time taken for completion of your translation?
  • Briefly saying, to improve productivity, quantity, and quality of translations?

If your answer is YES to one or more questions, and want to learn Trados, please call us today to learn the Trados at the best price.

Project managers of a Translation company/agency can choose our ‘Trados training for Project Managers’ for their requirements.

Online training: Learn the Trados from your home in online mode in Tamil or English languages. Training will also be provided in French, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu & other languages – Additional cost applicable.

Classroom training: (Will be launched soon)

We offer the following Trados training:

Training name
TRADOS Training – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels for Freelance translators
TRADOS Advanced Training – For Project Managers


We are also providing the following services:

(1) Trados consultation services for translators and translation companies

(2) Building of Translation memory (TM) from translations

(3) Creation and extraction of Glossaries and Terminology Termbases from translations

(4) Classroom training of Trados, in case of a group of candidates i.e. minimum of 5 nos.

(5) These services customized to your requirements.